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Lesson 7: At the Restaurant

Welcome to the new Iraq Business News tutorial in simple Iraqi Arabic provided by language specialists Lee and Grant International. Our weekly lesson takes you through useful everyday conversational situations and some which are security oriented. For a more detailed course contact Lee and Grant International: Email: [email protected] Phone: 1 800 LEE-GRAN Your comments […]

Lesson 6: Inviting Friends for Dinner

The bellman brings Ryan’s bag to the room. Bellman:  Ustaath, wehn aHuT il janTa? العامِل: أُستاذ وين أحُط الجَنطه؟ Sir, where may I put the bag? Ryan:  Rajaa’ann HuTha ‘all sirir. راين: رجاءً حُطها عالسِرير. Please put it on the bed. Bellman:  Ustaath, inta tiHtaaj ba’ad fed shi? العامِل: أُستاذ، إنتَ تِحتاج بَعَد فَد شي؟ […]

Lesson 5 - At The Hotel

LESSON 5:  AT THE HOTEL AHmed drives Ryan to the front door of the Baghdad Hotel. AHmed:  Haatha  finduq  Baghdad.  Itfathal, ustaath. أحمد: هذا فِندُق بَغداد . إتفَضَل أُستاذ . This is the Baghdad Hotel.  Please, sir. Ryan:  Ashkurak.  Shgad il ujrah?  Aani nsayt inta shgilitlii. راين: أشکُرَك . شگد الأُجره‌ ؟ آني نسیت إنتَ‌ […]

Lesson Four - At the Road Block

An Iraqi soldier at the roadblock motions for Ryan’s taxi to stop and then walks up to the taxi. AHmed:  SbaaH ilkhair. أحمد: صَباح الخیر  . Good morning. Soldier:  SbaaH innuur.  Wehn rayyiH? جندي: صَباح النور . وین رایح ؟ Good morning.  Where are you going? AHmed:  Aani da aakhuth haatha l Amriiki l finduq […]


LESSON 3: TAXI RIDE TO THE HOTEL Ryan approaches a taxi parked at the curb of a busy Baghdad street. Ryan:  Il’afuu, akhi. راين: العفو ، أخي . Excuse me, sir. Taxi driver AHmed:  Na’am, ustaath    ! أحمد سائق التاکسي : نعم ، أُستاذ ! !                    Yes, sir  ! Ryan:  Inta tu’ruf wehn finduq Baghdad? […]


After meeting an Iraqi man, Ustaath Karim, on the street in Baghdad, Ryan wants to ask for directions. Ryan:    Tigdar tgulli wehn finduq  Baghdad, bya shari’? Qariib minna? راين: تِگدَر تگولي وین فِندُق بَغداد بيا شارِع؟ قریب منا؟ Ryan:  Can you tell me where Baghdad Hotel is, on which                                                    street?  Is it close to here? […]

Lesson One - Learning Iraqi Arabic

Ryan, an American in Iraq, approaches Karim, an Iraqi, on a street in Baghdad. Ryan:  MarHaba, ustaath.                                       Hello, sir. راين: مَرحَبا أُستاذ. Karim:  Ahlan wa sahlan.  Shlohnak.                     Hello.  How are you? کریم: أهلاً وسَهلاً ، شلونَك Ryan:  Zehn.  Al Hamdulillah.  Aani ismi Ryan. Good.  Praise be to God.  My name is Ryan. راين: زین ، […]