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Coalition Air Strikes Expanding?

By Robert Tollast. US and Coalition air strikes may be marginally increasing the area of terrain covered in the campaign so far, according to attack data released by the US Department of Defence in the past 24 hours. Critics of the strikes note how they are few in number compared to comparable air campaigns against […]

Re-settling refugees: Iraq's endgame?

By Robert Tollast. Loveday Morris, who usually reports on Iraq for The Washington Post, has written an engaging piece on the returning "internally displaced persons" or IDPs, to Tikrit following the expulsion of Islamic State forces in the town. Morris' piece touches on some of the nuance that is often lost in reporting on Iraq. For […]

ISIL Hit by 100 Air Strikes Since Christmas

By John Lee. The Christmas and the New Year period brought no respite for fighters of the so called "Islamic State" in Iraq and Syria, with some 100 strikes targeting the group in their key command and control sites including Raqqa in Syria, and Mosul and Fallujah in Iraq. US Defence officials also reported other […]

Iran, Iraq Defence Ministries Sign Cooperation Agreement

By John Lee. A recent announcement from the Iraqi government has stated that Baghdad and Tehran are continuing to negotiate additional plans for military aid and the reformation of a national army. Defense ministers from both nations have already signed a memorandum of understanding regarding this issue, following a visit from Iraqi Defence Minister Khaled al-Obeidi to […]

US Gear from Afghan War Awaits Iraq Role

By John Lee. US News have reported on the presence of several thousand American armoured vehicles being serviced at a US base in Kuwait, in possible preparation for their movement into Iraq. The vehicles are primarily MRAPs (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles) expensive bulletproof and IED resistant trucks that became a key tool in the US […]