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Weekly Security Update for 20th June 2012

Levels of violence rose in Iraq last week. AKE documented more incidents than in any other seven-day period since the March 2010 elections. At least 137 people were killed and 307 injured in nationwide attacks. This is the highest figure recorded in any week since May 2010. Over the course of the week a total […]

Violence Falls in May

Levels of violence fell slightly in Iraq last month. Over the course of May AKE documented at least 162 separate attacks around Iraq.  Incidents left at least 223 civilians and members of the security forces dead. Dozens more injured and the figure does not include militants and terrorists killed in police or army operations or […]

Weekly Security Update for 30th May 2012

Levels of violence fell slightly in Iraq last week. At least 43 people were killed and 125 injured in nationwide incidents. A total of 43 bomb attacks left 24 people dead and 106 injured. There were no suicide bombings recorded although a number of militants were killed whilst handling explosive devices that detonated prematurely. A […]

Weekly Security Update for 1st March 2012

After weeks of declining violence in February, the number of attacks rose once again in Iraq over the last week of the month. At least 53 people were killed and 245 injured in nationwide incidents, which is moderately high, albeit not as high as the figures of over 100 recorded fatalities in some of the […]

Weekly Security Update for 15th February 2012

Levels of violence fell in Iraq last week. At least 19 people were killed and 55 injured in nationwide incidents. This is a relatively low figure for the country. There was a decline in bombings and shootings countrywide. There were no suicide bombings or abductions reported, although a woman was rescued from captivity during a […]

Weekly Security Update for 21st December 2011

Levels of violence fell in Iraq over the past week, with attacks concentrated in Mosul, Baghdad and Kirkuk. There was a scattering of incidents throughout the central provinces and a notable bombing attack on oil and gas infrastructure in Basrah province. Bomb attacks left at least 15 people dead and 77 injured, a decline from […]

Weekly Security Update for 24th November 2011

Levels of violence rose in Iraq over the past week, particularly in Mosul and the central provinces. There was a rise in bomb attacks, a steady number of shootings and at least two injuries caused by indirect fire (rockets and mortars). At least one person was kidnapped in the north of the country. The head […]

Weekly Security Update for 9th November 2011

Despite the occurrence of several high-profile attacks around the country, the overall number of violent incidents actually fell in Iraq last week. At least 58 people were killed and 168 injured in nationwide attacks, which is a high figure but still a decrease from the previous week’s total. Attacks were concentrated in Baghdad and Mosul, […]

Mapping Violence in Iraq

Levels of violence crept up in Iraq over the past fortnight, but conditions have been generally quieter over the last four months when compared to earlier in the year. AKE has compiled maps showing the distribution of the latest violence. The first map shows the location of specific incidents of violence, pinpointed around the country. […]

Weekly Security Update for 19th October 2011

At least 76 people were killed and 184 injured in nationwide attacks in Iraq last week. This is a rise from the previous week and largely attributable to a series of attacks in Baghdad. A series of bombing and suicide attacks targeting the police in the capital left numerous people dead on 12 October. The […]

Weekly Security Update for 12th October 2011

Levels of violence fell slightly in Iraq over the past week, with incidents concentrated in Baghdad, Mosul, and an arc stretching from Taji in Salah ad-Din province to Ba’qubah in Diyala province. Ta’mim province also saw a scattering of incidents while there was at least one successful attack and one prevented in Basrah province. The […]

Weekly Security Update for 22nd September 2011

Levels of violence rose in Iraq over the past week. Conditions are still quieter than July and June but they have been gradually worsening over the course of September. Last week saw a series of brutal attacks, mainly in the central region, affecting Baghdad and the provinces of Anbar and Babil. Mosul in the north […]