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Violence Overshadows Summit

After a long series of attacks against the police, it is the Iraqi government which appears to have been the primary target in the latest bout of attacks in Iraq.  A spate of at least 26 bombings and shootings around the country left dozens of people dead on 20 March. Incidents were recorded in Abu […]

When Will Iraqi Govt be Completed?

As we go to press, and after many rumours and false reports, Iraq's parliament has still not agreed on the key ministries of defense, interior and national security, more than three months after the creation of Nouri al-Maliki's government. Our expert blogger John Drake reports that the number of attacks in Iraq has been rising […]


Weekly Security Update for 29th December 2010

Overview Recent days have seen deadly suicide attacks in Mosul and Ramadi. There has also been a worrying increase in the number of shooting attacks in Baghdad. However, last week otherwise saw a slight reduction in the total number of attacks taking place in Iraq. Incidents were concentrated in the capital, with no incidents recorded […]

Iraq Needs Private Cash

“The problem in Iraq is that 90 percent of the wealth of the nation is in the hands of the government. So centralism always dominates the mindset everywhere,” The economy is still largely disconnected from the global financial system and is dominated by oil.

Government to Redevelop Sadr Township in Baghdad

The government has drawn up plans to build 30,000 housing units in the low-income neighborhood of Sadr City, a slum area where more than 2 million people live. The city was formerly known as al-Thawra or Revolution but was renamed for Sadr, a senior Shiite cleric whose mysterious death the country’s Shiite Muslims blame on […]