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Iraq Raises Grain Prices

Iraq has increased prices it pays to its wheat, barley and rice growers, reports Azzaman. Kareem Elaywi, a parliamentarian in the Water and Agriculture Commission, said farmers shipping their produce to government silos will receive 900,000 dinars for a ton of wheat, 750,000 dinars for a ton of barley and 1 million dinars for a ton […]

Wheat Harvest Exceeds 3m Tons

By John Lee. Azzaman reports that wheat production in 2012 rose to 3.26 million tons, despite a lack of rain.The harvest had fallen to an average 1.5 million tons in the years follow the US-led invasion in 2003, with the country becoming a net importer of wheat and other cereals. Deputy Agriculture Minister Mahdi al-Qaisi […]

Diala Finishes Barley Harvest

Diala on Wednesday has finished the barley harvest throughout the province. “Diala has also finished around 50 percent of the wheat harvest,” a local source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. He noted that wheat and barley production in Diala has increased by 100 percent compared to the last six seasons. ( Aswat Al Iraq )

20% increase forecast for Karbala harvest

The harvest of wheat and barley crops started on Tuesday in Karbala on 33,000 donums, according to a local director of the agriculture department. “The harvest started in the most famous regions for wheat and barley; al-Khayrat and al-Jadwal al-Gharbi districts, east of Karbala, where farmers started to harvest 15,500 donums of barley and 17,524 […]