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Weekly Security Update for 10th February 2011

Overview Levels of violence rose slightly in Iraq last week, although conditions have generally been quiet so far in 2011 and the number of weekly security incidents has not yet exceeded 40. The majority of violence is currently taking place in Baghdad and Mosul, although last week saw several attacks in the provinces of Anbar […]

Unrest in Iraq - the Risk of Contagion

With unrest in several Arab cities, many in the region are worried about the risk of contagion. The latest flashpoints are Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan and Algeria; but is Iraq vulnerable as well? The people certainly have a lot to complain about. Electricity The heat and increased use of air conditioning put a major strain […]

Report on Iraqi Infrastructure

Infrastructure continues to be the key focus of reconstruction efforts in Iraq, as the country grapples with electricity shortages, a scarcity of housing and insufficient transport links. In BMI’s view, improving core economic social infrastructure provision should help place the country on the path to economic normalcy. The key areas of focus continue to be: […]

Visa Process for Oil Expats to be Streamlined

Iraq’s oil minister, Hussain al-Shahristani, has addressed some of the complaints by oil majors about bureaucracy hampering their efforts to bring staff and equipment into the country, according to a report from Reuters. Getting visas for oil industry professionals entering Iraq to work on oilfield development contracts ranks as a major hassle facing oil companies […]

Fears of renewed central control

“The main issue to be addressed now is that of electricity supply. Another very important one is the development of the Iraqi infrastructure," said Majid al-Souri, an Iraqi economist.

Governor of Basra Discusses Infrastructure Rehabilitation with the British Department of Development

Governor of Basra, Cltag Abboud Mayah, during a meeting with British Program Director in the Department for International Development Sue Vardel, on Thursday, discusses participation in rehabilitation of infrastructure in Basra, according to a statement issued by the conservative media. According to the statement, the meeting is "to discuss the participation of the British Department […]