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Weekly Security Update for 28th December 2011

Summary Levels of violence rose in Iraq over the past week, with dozens of people killed and injured in a series of attacks in Baghdad on 22 December. Meanwhile, the political crisis between senior politicians also endures, posing a significant risk to overall national stability and raising the possibility of major internal strife over the […]

Politician Injured in Rocket Attack

Iraqi politician Ayad Jamal ad-Din was injured in a rocket attack on his home earlier in the week. The weapon, believed to have been fired from southern Baghdad, slammed into his house in the normally quiet district of Jadriyah. He may be the latest victim of a string of attacks targeting politicians, mid-level ministry employees […]

Weekly Security Update for 30th June 2011

Levels of violence rose again in Iraq last week, as part of what appears to be a gradual trend which has evolved over the past six months. Last week saw attacks concentrated around Baghdad, Mosul and Kirkuk, with several more incidents in Anbar, Diyala and Salah ad-Din provinces. The southern provinces have also seen a […]