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Maysan Needs 70,000 Housing Units

The head of Maysan Investment Commission, Ra'id Sa'iy, announced that "Maysan province needs about 70,000 housing units currently". He stated to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): "We need the investment companies to implement cost-efficient housing projects for all levels of society." "Environmental conditions should be considered in the planning and execution of these projects," […]

New Industrial Area East of Amara

A new industrial area will be built to replace the old one east of Amara [Amarah] city, in Maysan province. “The new industrial area will be on the Amara-Mashrah road, 5 km east of Amara,” a local source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. He noted that the new industrial area’s designs have been prepared. Amara, […]

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Maysan Receives $42m from Oil

Maysan will receive 50 billion Iraqi dinars [$42m], having been allocated one dollar for every barrel of oil produced from its fields, according to chairman of the Maysan Council. “After the Iraqi government’s approval to allocate one dollar for every oil barrel produced in the oil-producing provinces, Missan will receive 50 billion dinars this year,” […]