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Luaibi to IOCs: We're Here to Help

By John Lee. Iraqi oil minister Abdul Kareem al-Luaibi (pictured) has moved to reassure major IOCs in the wake of growing disgruntlement over bureaucracy. He remarked to reporters that his ministry " is keen to provide all kinds of support and cooperation for all international companies operating in Iraq, including contracting with companies within the oil […]

Maliki Heralds Construction of Karbala Refinery

By John Lee. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has spoken at a ceremony to mark the start of construction on Karbala's forthcoming 140,000 bpd refinery, Iraq Directory reports. As part of Iraq's energy strategy to increase refining capacity to 750,000 bpd, the new $6 billion refinery will be constructed by a consortium led by Hyundai Engineering and […]

Weekly Security Update for 27th June 2012

Levels of violence fell in Iraq last week, but the overall number of attacks was still above average. At least 69 people were killed and 179 injured in nationwide incidents. A total of 48 bombings left 42 people dead and over 160 injured. A rise in small arms attacks left 27 people dead and 11 […]

Weekly Security Update for 13th June 2012

Levels of violence rose in Iraq last week. At least 79 people were killed and 207 injured in nationwide incidents, more than double the figure recorded the previous week. A total of 21 non-suicide bomb attacks left 24 people dead and 36 injured. This is a relatively standard figure for the country. However, a suicide […]

Weekly Security Update for 12th April 2012

Levels of violence rose in Iraq last week. Security measures were gradually relaxed following the conclusion of the Arab League Summit which appeared to grant militants slightly more opportunity to conduct attacks. At least 29 people were killed and 19 injured in nationwide incidents. Tactics A total of 20 bomb attacks left 10 people dead […]

Weekly Security Update for 24th November 2011

Levels of violence rose in Iraq over the past week, particularly in Mosul and the central provinces. There was a rise in bomb attacks, a steady number of shootings and at least two injuries caused by indirect fire (rockets and mortars). At least one person was kidnapped in the north of the country. The head […]

Weekly Security Update for 12th October 2011

Levels of violence fell slightly in Iraq over the past week, with incidents concentrated in Baghdad, Mosul, and an arc stretching from Taji in Salah ad-Din province to Ba’qubah in Diyala province. Ta’mim province also saw a scattering of incidents while there was at least one successful attack and one prevented in Basrah province. The […]

Oil and Security

Iraq’s oil wealth is massive, with significant economic potential for years to come. Unfortunately, development is being hampered by endemic violence and ongoing instability. However, the main reserves are not evenly distributed around the country and neither is the violence. By avoiding the violent hotspots companies can still make significant profits with minimal exposure to […]

More tenders from Midland Refineries Co

Midland Refineries Co announces for purchasing the materials as stated below: - 1 Nitrogen unit to produce 1500 NM3/HR nitrogen as gas and 240 L/HR Nitrogen as liquid. - 7 items of spares for pump type AVSP2 , VP 250/75 - 12 items of spares for new power House no 3 - 8 items of […]