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Weekly Security Update for 25th May 2011

Overview Levels of violence rose considerably in Iraq last week, making it the worst week so far this year. A spate of bombings in Baghdad, Mosul and Kirkuk left dozens of people dead and injured. The police and military suffered the majority of attacks, but Iraqi oil workers, US soldiers and even three European civilian […]

Weekly Security Update for 5th May 2011

Overview While many have been concerned at the impact of Osama bin Laden’s death on the security situation in Iraq, conditions have not changed significantly in recent days. Levels of violence actually fell last week, although conditions are still worse than normal. The majority of attacks continue to take place in Baghdad, although last week […]

Bin Laden Dead, Business Goes On

After many years of searching, American forces have finally managed to track down and eliminate Osama Bin Laden. The news has reverberated around the world, and it has implications for all countries in the region, not least Iraq. Our security expert John Drake has been analysing the possible effects of this latest news for Iraq, […]

The Death of Bin Laden

Security measures have been heightened in Iraq following the killing of Osama bin Laden. The authorities are expecting the possibility of a retaliatory attack by radical jihadists in response to the news of his death. However, the impact of the killing may be relatively limited.   Weakened Organisation Al-Qaeda is neither the powerful organisation it […]