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Postcards from Iraq

Recently I was thinking about the various ways and through what mediums nations tell stories about who they are, where they come from and what they have to offer. Postage stamps came to mind. Whether you love them, don’t particularly notice them or collect them postage stamps tell time-framed stories and capture national sentiments. They’ve […]

Brand Iraq and the Arab Spring

After the burial of Colonel Gaddafi this week - the symbolic end of his 42 year rule, I asked myself: “What countries will emerge from the Arab Spring and succeed in increasing tourism revenue streams and securing foreign investment?” I wondered where Iraq’s place would be within the context of the re-shaping that’s occurring in […]

Iraqi Identity Crisis?

I recently wrote about the instant Libyan national identity change we all witnessed live on the news as the Libyan revolution fighters tore down the Gaddafi-designed green flag and replaced it with the red, green and black flag of the Libyan Republic. Instant re-branding witnessed by the world at large, and before the existing government […]

What's in a Name?

In the Arabic world family name is important – family names are ‘brands’ with real stories, history, notoriety and respect. This is particularly the case in Iraq, a nation very much at the beginning of an onslaught of international brands – some seeking associations with the big family names of Iraq and others planning strategies […]

Iraqi Media Woes

By Lisa Knight, Creative Director & Founder of The Brand Foundation. 250 journalists have been reported as being killed in Iraq since 2003 and in 2010 6 lost their lives in Iraq out of a total of 10 in the region. It is claimed that these tragic deaths are yet to be investigated by the […]

Where are the Global Iraqi Brands?

By Lisa Knight, Creative Director & Founder of The Brand Foundation. Multinational brands have been and continue to land in Iraq, attractive to Iraqi nationals perhaps due to the trade embargos of the past, and Saddam's dislike of Iraqi's owning western brands. It is hardly surprising that brands that were formerly unavailable domestically are now […]

Iraq: Branding the Nation

By Lisa Knight, Creative Director & Founder of The Brand Foundation. National branding is a vital strategic activity undertaken by governments worldwide, in emerging and established nations, the impact of which goes far beyond tourism -- ­ it has the power to dramatically alter the economic landscape and attract major foreign investment, dramatically impacting the […]

How to Brand Your Business in Iraq

By Lisa Knight, Creative Director & Founder of The Brand Foundation. Since 2007 Iraq has witnessed a number of multinationals setting up regional operations – GE, Daimler Benz, Shell, and global finance and banking institutions such as J. P Morgan Chase and Citibank publicly proclaiming an interest in the Iraqi financial sector, its only a […]