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Oil Ministry Clarifies Gas Export Policy

The Ministry of Oil has confirmed that the gas recently exported from Iraq was what it described as “condensed liquids (C5) or ‘natural gasoline,’” a by-product from the associated gas investment extracts used for the industrial purposes, and “not the dry gas which is used for the power generation”. Hamid Y. Salih, the deputy minister […]

Iraq wins Award for Reduction of Gas Flaring

By John Lee. The World Bank has awarded Iraq’s Ministry of Oil a certificate of appreciation for its efforts and success in reducing the flaring of associated gas. The award was made for the work of the Basra Gas Company (BGC), by the Bank’s Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFR), a public-private initiative comprising international […]

Iraqis Visit US to Study Gas-Capturing Technologies

By John Lee. Iraq’s deputy minister of gas affairs, Hamed Younis Saleh al-Zoba’ei, and Hillal Ali Ismaeel Mushtaq, Iraq’s director of general of studies, conducted a three-day tour of North Dakota last week, visiting gas-processing facilities and meeting with state and industry leaders. Julio Friedmann, the U.S. Energy Department’s deputy assistant secretary for fossil energy, said: […]

Iraq has Lost Billions from Gas Flaring

By John Lee. The former head of the Energy Studies Department at the Opec Secretariat in Vienna has said that delays in capturing associated gas from Iraq’s oilfields is costing the country billions of dollars. Saadallah Al Fathi told GulfNews.com that the Basra Gas Company (BGC) is very slow in rehabilitating and maintaining the plants […]

Iraq Launches World’s Largest Flare Reduction Project

South Gas Company, Shell and Mitsubishi today officially announced the commencement of operations of Basrah Gas Company, which will be the largest gas project in Iraq’s history and the world’s largest flares reduction project. Basrah Gas Company is a 25-year incorporated Joint Venture between Iraq’s South Gas Company holding 51% of its shares, Shell 44% […]

Basra Gas Project On Track

By John Lee. The Basra Gas Company (BGC) — a joint venture between the state-run South Gas Company (SGC), Shell and Mitsubishi — is processing around 400 million cubic feet per day (mcfd) of gas, and is on track to treat 2 billion cubic feet per day by 2017. SGC general director, Ali Khudhier, told […]

Shell ‘Optimistic’ About Gas Capture Hurdles

By John Lee. Shell‘s commercial general manager for Iraq, Arne de Kock, has told Reuters that two key hurdles must be cleared before the company can move forward with its giant gas capture project in southern Iraq. But he added that he was “optimistic” the government’s Council of Ministers will sign off on the issues of asset […]

Shell to Start Pumping Gas in Southern Iraq

By John Lee. Shell plans to start pumping gas from its gas joint venture in southern Iraq in the next three weeks according to Reuters. Initial production will be 60 million cubic feet per day, but Shell’s Iraq boss Hans Nijkamp told Deputy Prime Minister Hussain al-Shahristani that output would be increased by a further […]

Shell, Mitsubishi, Gas Production to Start This Year

Dow Jones reports that the gas capture project with Shell and Mitsubishi in Southern Iraq is expected to start production this year. The head of the South Gas Company, Ali Hussein Khudhier, told the news agency that they expect to produce 50 Mcfd of gas this year. He added that the floating LNG plant and […]

Basra wants Bigger Say, More Autonomy

Officials in Basra are reportedly trying to cancel a $17 billion Shell gas deal because they want a bigger say, highlighting the pressure on central government to ease its control over the provinces. According to the report from Reuters, the province is increasingly restless with the slow pace of development and wants more control over […]

Iraqi Govt Considers Further Gas Capture Projects

Following the signing of the gas deal with Shell and Mitsubishi, the Iraqi Oil Ministry is considering exploiting flared gas at other oilfields, including in Missan [Maysan]. The Minister of Oil, Abdul Karim Luaibi [Abdul-Kareem Elaibi] told AKnews that the Iraqi government is considering projects similar to the Basra Gas Company. It is noteworthy that […]