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Kurdistan Economy to Grow by 12% Next Year

Barham Salih [Saleh], the Prime Minister of Kurdistan's Regional Government,  said he expects 12 per cent growth in the region’s economy next year. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Sulaimaniyah Trades Fair, Salih (pictured) praised the economic boom in the Kurdistan Region. “This city [Sulaimaniyah] used to be like a military camp, a war […]

Iraq to Grow 9% in 2012

Iraq’s gross domestic product growth is expected to rise by 9 percent in 2012, up from around 6 percent in 2011, mainly driven by an expected increase in oil production and exports, reports Al Arabiya TV. Mudher Kasim, a deputy governor of Iraq’s Central Bank, told Reuters in an interview, “it will easily jump to […]


Petro Dollars to Boost Agribusiness in Iraq

By Layth Mahdi, Agricultural Advisor. The opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. Iraq is predominantly an agricultural country. It has a great diversity of climate, soil types, and natural resources. In the 1950’s, Iraq was self-sufficient in agriculture and the number one exporter […]