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Rail Revenues Up 25%

The revenues of the Iraqi Republic Railways Company were 24.5 percent higher in October than in September, according to AKnews. The Transport Ministry announced that the IRR's revenues reached 1.6 billion IQD ($1.3 million USD) in October, compared to 1.3 billion IQD ($1.1 million USD) the previous month. Only 9.6 percent (153 million IQD/$128,300 USD) […]

Iranian Company to Develop Iraqi Railways

Iraq's Transport Ministry has agreed in principle to award the business to develop and maintain its damaged railway system to with 'Vadi Albar' company, reports AKnews. The agreement comes after extensive talks between the state-owned Railways Company and Vadi Albar in Iran about the revival of Iraq's railway system and the maintenance of 219 trains […]

Iraq-Syria Rail Link to Begin Operations in 2012

A railway connecting Syria and Iraq will begin operations next year, according to a report from Kuwait’s KUNA news agency. In addition, a direct line connecting Syria’s eastern Deir Al-Zor-Al-Bukamal station to Iraq has been completed, the director general of the Syrian rail company has said. “The rail link is a direct line that will […]

US Helps Iraq Build Safe and Efficient Rail System

Iraq’s railways are now safer and more efficient as a result of two projects funded with $60 million by the United States. The successful completion of the Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) system and Digital Microwave Radio Communication Network (DMRCN) will help Iraq to move goods, people, and raw materials quickly about the country. They […]

Iranian Company to Rehabilitate Iraq's Rail System

AKnews reports that an Iranian company called Waxon Park is going to invest in the Iraqi Republic Railways Company (IRR). Jawad al-Kharsani, spokesman for the Iraqi Transport Ministry, said that Waxon Park will first rehabilitate the factory in Samawa and then the railway system and rolling stock. "We have not yet outlined the final costs […]

Transport Ministry wants More Money for Railway Projects

Iraq's Ministry for Transport has complained that the $60 million (7o billion Iraqi dinars) that were allocated in the 2012 budget for the development and rehabilitation of the Iraqi Republic Railways Company (IRR) are not enough. "The Ministry of Transport tries to attract investment companies in order to finance its railway projects," Ministry spokesman Jawad […]

Baghdad to Aqaba Rail Link - MoU Signed

Iraq and Jordan have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a rail line linking the Jordanian Red Sea port of Aqaba with the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, The Jordanian news agency Petra reports that the MoU was signed in Amman on Sunday by Jordanian Transport Minister Muhannad Qudah and his Iraqi counterpart Hadi al Ameri. […]

Iraq-Jordan Rail Link - 6m Tons Cargo Annually

The planned single-track rail link between Iraq and Jordan will boast an annual cargo capacity of 6 million tons, an Iraqi Transport Ministry spokesman said on Sunday. Jawad al Kharsan told AKnews that initial technical and economic feasibility studies into the rail project had been conducted by both countries. He explained that talks between a […]

Iraq-Jordan Rail Agreement Signed

The railway between Baghdad and Aqaba, Jordan, got one step closer to realization on Wednesday, with the signing of a preliminary agreement between the governments of the two countries, the Iraqi Transport Ministry announced. The project, which the ministry hopes will strengthen commercial ties with Jordan, involves the construction of a 150 km connecting spur. […]

Iraq to Spend $9m on Rail Carriages

The Iraqi Transport Ministry announced on Tuesday that it has reached agreement with Turkey to import modern train carriages costing about $9 million [11 billion Iraqi dinars]. The carriages currently used by Iraqi Railways to transport goods and passengers are old and unable to meet the requirements of commercial transport with the regional countries, according […]

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