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Kuwaiti Cement Factory and Appartments for Muthanna

A Kuwaiti company received two investment licenses in Muthanna, according to a media source at the Muthanna Investment Commission, quoted by Aswat al-Iraq. “Kuwait’s al-Mahamed company received two investment licenses to implement a residential compound, which contains 2,000 apartments, in addition to the establishment of a cement factory in the Badiya al-Samawa region,” Ali Hanoun […]

Muthanna to Learn from Kurdistan's Development

A delegation from Muthanna Province has arrived to Sulaimaniyah to get acquainted with the latest developments in the Kurdistan Region, the Sulaimaniyah Press Secretary reported on Wednesday. "The delegation, headed by Ibrahim Suleiman, visited Sulaimaniyah, in order to see the latest developments in the Kurdistan Region," Twana Ali Kamal said. They visited the Bazyani cement […]

2 Permits to Build in Muthanna

The investment commission in Muthanna has granted two permits to local investors for the establishment of a residential city and markets in the province. “The Muthanna commission has granted 36 investment permits to local and foreign companies thus far,” an official from the commission’s public relations department, Ali Hannon, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. The […]