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Oil and Security

Iraq’s oil wealth is massive, with significant economic potential for years to come. Unfortunately, development is being hampered by endemic violence and ongoing instability. However, the main reserves are not evenly distributed around the country and neither is the violence. By avoiding the violent hotspots companies can still make significant profits with minimal exposure to […]

Iraqi-Focused Oil Explorer Denied Another Prize

Petrel resources applied to participate in the fourth oil licencing round in Iraq, but has not been pre-qualified. The eventual criteria adopted by the Iraqi authorities were heavily weighted (over 50%) towards financial size and strength, rather than practical experience working in Iraqi conditions. As a result no juniors or smaller independent oil companies have […]

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Shell Expands Further in Iraq

Shell Global Solutions has signed an agreement with the South Refineries Company of Iraq for the provision of technology licenses to a refinery in Basra, Southern Iraq. Shell Global Solutions will provide a license for a sulphur recovery unit and visbreaker unit as part of the agreement. Together with the refinery expansion, these technologies will […]

BP Rewrites Rumaila Oil Contract

The 2009 contract between BP and the Iraqi government for oil production at the Rumaila oil field has been quietly rewritten in favour of the oil giant, according to Aknews. the Iraqi government will now continue to pay BP when production is affected by civil disruption, disruption in oil transportation, political decisions or OPEC cuts. […]

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Iraqi Reparations Moving Rapidly

The UN has approved the release of another US$1bn from the reparations fund that compensates Kuwaiti businesses, government bodies and international organisations for losses due to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990. Iraq has now repaid more than $33bn of its $52bn due in damages claims. The $1bn comes from a 5% cut of Iraqi oil […]

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Weekly Security Update for 6th July 2011

Levels of violence fell in Iraq last week, but conditions continue to fluctuate and the overall number of attacks has risen gradually since the beginning of the year. Over the past two months the country also appears to have experienced a violent week, followed by a quiet week, in fairly regular alternation. It could be […]

Weekly Security Update for 23rd June 2011

Overall, levels of violence fell in Iraq over the past week, but the rate of weekly incidents has continued to fluctuate in recent months and the improvement is likely to be temporary. There have been three recent suicide attacks, targeting provincial government buildings and the police. Two of these attacks have taken place in the […]

Weekly Security Update for 9th June 2011

Levels of violence rose in Iraq last week, although conditions were not as bad as a fortnight ago. Most incidents were concentrated in Baghdad, Anbar and Salah ad-Din provinces, with an overall decline in militant activity in the north of the country and a rise in attacks in the south. There has also been a […]

A Security Review of the Last 8 Weeks

The average weekly number of attacks has risen in Iraq over the last two months. Conditions gradually worsened in the first five months of the year, and while the increase in attacks has not been dramatic, it is nonetheless still a concern, particularly as the US prepares to withdraw its military by the end of […]

Iraq To Be In The Black For First Time

The Iraqi government is increasing spending by about 25% next year to USD98.45bn, but higher oil prices will still allow it to balance its books for the first time, reports Reuters. Next year's budget will be based on an oil price of $85, due to consistently high oil prices at $100 or more. Even after […]

Weekly Security Update for 25th May 2011

Overview Levels of violence rose considerably in Iraq last week, making it the worst week so far this year. A spate of bombings in Baghdad, Mosul and Kirkuk left dozens of people dead and injured. The police and military suffered the majority of attacks, but Iraqi oil workers, US soldiers and even three European civilian […]