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Iraq Business News brings you the latest news of investments in Iraq, highlighting the many opportunities that exist.

Swedish and Turkish Companies Consider Tikrit Investment

The governorate of Salahaddin province said on Tuesday that representatives from Swedish and Turkish companies have met with senior council officials to discuss the implementation of a variety of strategic investment projects in the province. Salahaddin Governor’s first deputy, Ahmed Abdul-Jabbar al-Karim, told AKnews that the companies concerned specialize in 'economy' and construction. “The Governor […]

KRG High Representative to UK Talks to Iraq Business News

Iraq Business News recently had the pleasure of interviewing the Kurdistan Regional Government's High Representative to the United Kingdom, Ms Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman. Iraq Business News: Ms Abdul Rahman, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. May I ask you firstly for your opinion about the ongoing protests in the […]

Are Iraqi banks a buy?

On March 11, Rabee Securities came out with the first-ever sector report on ISX-listed companies. The report, which could be thought of as something of a milestone for the Iraqi market, is on the banks—the most heavily weighted sector in terms of both trading volume and market cap. For me the main takeaway was that […]

ISX safe from Japanese fallout

So far the Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster have had surprisingly little impact on emerging markets. While the Nikkei is down 13% since the quake (as of March 17), the MSCI emerging markets index has fallen only 3%. And in Iraq, Rabee Securities’ RSISX is actually up 0.4%. Emerging markets could continue to slide, […]

Erbil Ranked 5th for Foreign Direct Investment

An international investment magazine has ranked Erbil in fifth position among top Middle East cities with potential for foreign direct investment. This places Erbil ahead of Muscat and Riyadh. FDI Magazine, a subsidiary of the Financial Times, in this month's edition, ran a feature on Middle East cities of the future, ranking cities by economic […]

Cordiant Provides $50m Funding for Zain Iraq

Cordiant Capital, the Montreal based fund manager that specialises in loans to emerging markets, has committed $50 million to fund the expansion of Iraq’s mobile phone network. Mobile penetration in Iraq is estimated at just 77%, lagging far behind most of its neighbouring countries where penetration rates are virtually 100%. The loan is part of […]

It’s the rentier economy, stupid!

The protests in Iraq, while obviously inspired by those in other Arab countries, have a different focus. The latter have been primarily about politics. In Iraq the protestors’ demands center on economic problems. They want more jobs and electricity and less corruption. Due to its natural resource endowment, Iraq is an example of what political […]

DNO Considers $300m Bond Issue

DNO International, the Norway-based oil exploration and production company with operations in Iraqi Kurdistan, has reported that it is considering a senior unsecured bond issue of USD 200-300 million, maturing in 2016. The purpose of the loan is refinancing and general corporate purposes. Pareto Securities AS, ABG Sundal Collier ASA and Fearnley Fonds ASA have […]

Iraq's ISX Still Attracting Funds

As revolution sweeps across the Middle East, Iraq is still reportedly attracting funds to into its listed companies. The Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX), which began trading in 2004 with 15 stocks, has attracted $20 million in foreign capital in 2011 from regions like the United States, Europe, the Gulf and Egypt, according to a statement […]