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Weekly Security Update for 3rd May 2012

Levels of violence fell in Iraq last week following a spate of al-Qaeda attacks the previous week which killed dozens of people. Nonetheless, conditions were still relatively bad. At least 47 people were killed and 65 injured in nationwide incidents. Tactics A suicide bomber in Ba'qubah killed 10 people and injured 15 mid-week. Otherwise a […]

Dunia Weekly Iraq Market Tracker

Advertising Feature Iraq Business News is delighted to bring you the latest Iraq Market Tracker report from Dunia Frontier Consultants. The market tracker highlights the activities and market performance of a basket of publicly traded firms who derive a significant percentage of their revenues from operations in Iraq, but are traded on foreign exchanges: a […]

Weekly Security Update for 19th April 2012

Levels of violence fell slightly in Iraq last week. At least 38 people were killed and 40 injured in nationwide incidents. However, anecdotal evidence on the ground indicated that many Iraqis felt it constituted some sort of calm before the storm. This fear was realised earlier on 19 April when a spate of bombings struck […]

Iraq Violence in the First Quarter of 2012

AKE has analysed violence taking place in Iraq over the first quarter of 2012 (January – March). At least 724 people were killed over the period, although the true figure is likely to be higher, given that AKE figures are collated on a ‘spot’ basis, i.e. they are taken within 24 hours of a violent […]

Weekly Security Update for 6th April 2012

Levels of violence fell last week amid the extensive security measures implemented for the Arab League Summit. Nonetheless, some attacks still took place, highlighting the fact that the measures at the disposal of the Iraqi authorities remain far from exhaustive. Normal patterns in militancy are also likely to resume once the security measures currently in […]

Weekly Security Update for 21st March 2012

As security measures are heightened ahead of the Arab League Summit in Baghdad levels of violence fell in Iraq last week with 26 people killed and 22 injured in nationwide incidents. This was a drop by half from the previous week and a very low figure in general for the country. However, a spate of […]

Weekly Security Update for 2nd February 2012

There was no significant increase or decrease in the number of attacks recorded in Iraq last week but the fatality figure doubled from the previous week. At least 101 people were killed and 216 injured in nationwide incidents. Conditions appear to have worsened since the US military pullout at the end of 2011 and the […]

Security Statistics from 2011

AKE has compiled statistics covering violence in Iraq over the course of 2011. The average week saw 56 attacks, many of which included bombings targeting civilians on an indiscriminate basis. The Iraqi security forces also suffered numerous attacks and will likely remain a major focus for militant groups now that the US military has withdrawn […]

Weekly Security Update for 13th January 2012

The year 2012 has not begun well for Iraq. Levels of violence rose in the country last week, with at least 107 people killed and 300 injured in nationwide incidents. Several of the latest bombings have targeted pilgrims gathering in the centre of the country to mark Arba’een. The holy religious period is currently at […]

Weekly Security Update for 28th December 2011

Summary Levels of violence rose in Iraq over the past week, with dozens of people killed and injured in a series of attacks in Baghdad on 22 December. Meanwhile, the political crisis between senior politicians also endures, posing a significant risk to overall national stability and raising the possibility of major internal strife over the […]

Weekly Security Update for 17th November 2011

Last week saw a notable decline in attacks in Iraq, but incidents have worsened once again over the past three days. Activity was concentrated in the central provinces, although Baghdad itself remained unusually quiet until Sunday. Conditions now appear to be returning to an unfortunate level of normality. Roadside bombings are currently the most commonly […]

Mapping Violence in Iraq

Levels of violence crept up in Iraq over the past fortnight, but conditions have been generally quieter over the last four months when compared to earlier in the year. AKE has compiled maps showing the distribution of the latest violence. The first map shows the location of specific incidents of violence, pinpointed around the country. […]